Annual Conference 2023 Program Subcommittee – July–December 2023 Report

The group met 4-6 times this reporting period.

After reviewing the current PLA Strategic Plan, please tell us:

Describe the current work of this committee and how it supports our strategic goals. Include work accomplished, decisions made, and any recommended follow-up actions.
The committee's primary role was to review proposals and select those to offer as PLA educational sessions at ALA Annual Conference. The committee was intentional in determining programs that fostered professional development and supported DEI efforts, with an emphasis on organizational excellence. We were also cognizant of the growing need to offer programs for support staff and included selections of interest in that regard.

Do you see opportunities to better align committee work with those goals?
I believe the committee's work is aligned appropriately with the strategic goals.

What recommendations do you have for in-coming committee members? Are there particular streams of
work in progress to be carried over into the new committee year?
(January–June reporting period only)
There isn't any carryover work for the next year.

What specific activities will this committee undertake over the next six months to support that alignment? (July–December reporting period only)

Are there other PLA or ALA committees whose partnership and collaboration would accelerate meeting PLA strategic goals?

Is there anything else about your committee experience you’d like to share?
I enjoyed the process and being able to volunteer in support of the Association. The PLA staff is a critical component in the success of the committee. Their work is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Submitted by Kimberly Johnson on 05/19/2023