Public Libraries Advisory Committee – January–June 2024 Report

The group met 2-3 times this reporting period.

After reviewing the current PLA Strategic Plan, please tell us:

Describe the current work of this committee and how it supports our strategic goals. Include work accomplished, decisions made, and any recommended follow-up actions.
In the past several months, the committee has actively participated in guiding the magazine's editorial direction. Their efforts included refining the annual editorial calendar, identifying subject matter experts, and assisting in the recruitment of diverse and knowledgeable content contributors. The committee continuously reviews the magazine’s regular content, evaluating column descriptions to ensure they align with their goals and suggesting improvements as necessary. Among their recommendations this year were suggestions for new columns and potential authors to enhance the magazine's offerings. They also began planning for the 2025 volume year.

Additionally, the committee provides essential insights from the field and offers strategic guidance for PL’s content across multiple platforms, including PL magazine, Public Libraries Online, and the FYI Podcast. Their input is crucial in maintaining the relevance and currency of all PL Media. The committee also focuses on marketing and publicity strategies and explores ways to boost advertising. Furthermore, they were responsible for selecting the two feature article award winners for the 2023 volume year.

Do you see opportunities to better align committee work with those goals?
Absolutely. The committee embraces a flexible and adaptable approach to ensure our work aligns seamlessly with the organization's strategic goals. We are committed to continuously seeking ways to enhance this alignment. By staying agile and responsive, we strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations set by the strategic goals, ensuring our contributions effectively support the organization's mission and vision. One way to achieve better alignment is to conduct periodic reviews to assess how well the committee's activities match the organization's strategic goals. This ensures that the committee stays on track and can make necessary adjustments.

What recommendations do you have for in-coming committee members? Are there particular streams of
work in progress to be carried over into the new committee year?
(January–June reporting period only)
The committee is working on the content calendar for 2025 and the incoming members will be instrumental in bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives. It is important to be familiar with all PL publications and recent topics covered, as well as potential opportunities for new topics and new partnerships within the professional field that would strengthen our content.

What specific activities will this committee undertake over the next six months to support that alignment? (July–December reporting period only)

Are there other PLA or ALA committees whose partnership and collaboration would accelerate meeting PLA strategic goals?
We are currently working to include more for small and rural libraries and we would invite and welcome content from all PLA or ALA committees that would advance the strategic goals of our organization.

Is there anything else about your committee experience you’d like to share?

Submitted by Amy Dissmeyer on 06/17/2024