Task Force on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice – April–August 2019 Report

The group met 2-3 times this reporting period.

Recent Activities

First Activity
Our primary focus has been on the 3 regional trainings in Denver, Charleston, and Chicago. Each training's first day has been led by Mia Henry followed by a 2nd half day led by various practitioners from the GARE network. The content on the 2nd day has been refined over the last 2 convening.
Meets PLA’s strategic goals for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice

What will your group be working on for the next six months?
Transitioning in our new co-chairs and setting new TF priorities. We are hopeful the new members of our group will add to our overall capacity.

Does the group have any policy recommendations, ideas with financial impact, or other items to bring to the PLA Board for discussion or action

Do you have any suggestions for future products or resources (excluding conference programs) to be developed based on your group’s work?
Organizational assessment tool
Online library/portal for policies, interview questions, etc.

Are there other PLA/ALA committees your group might collaborate with to benefit the work of all?
2020 Census
Health Literacy

Have there been any issues related to meeting participation/attendance for any of the group’s members?

Is there anything PLA could have provided during this time that would have helped your group with its work?
You all are awesome!

Submitted by Amita Lonial on 09/06/2019