Technology Committee – January–June 2024 Report

The group met 1 time this reporting period.

After reviewing the current PLA Strategic Plan, please tell us:

Describe the current work of this committee and how it supports our strategic goals. Include work accomplished, decisions made, and any recommended follow-up actions.
We are working on creating technology competencies for public libraries. We have created a universal list of positions for public libraries. The next step is to focus on each position and create a list of general technology competencies for each.

This directly supports the strategic goals of Transformation, Professional Growth, and Organizational Excellence, by providing avenues for training and growth in order to help solidify library staff's technology skills.

Do you see opportunities to better align committee work with those goals?
Not at this time – we need to keep progressing with the committee's goals.

What recommendations do you have for in-coming committee members? Are there particular streams of
work in progress to be carried over into the new committee year?
(January–June reporting period only)
We have started breaking down the work to be done in order to complete the technology competency project. My recommendation is to divide up that work, place deadlines on it, and get it done. Also for committee members – make sure you are committed to helping the committee meet its goals.

What specific activities will this committee undertake over the next six months to support that alignment? (July–December reporting period only)

Are there other PLA or ALA committees whose partnership and collaboration would accelerate meeting PLA strategic goals?
Not at this time.

Is there anything else about your committee experience you’d like to share?

Submitted by David Lee King on 06/05/2024